Delon Wright trade will lead to future moves

The Detroit Pistons made a trading deadline and sent Delon Wright to the Kings for Cory Joseph and a couple of picks for the second round.

I’ve made a full breakdown of the Delon Wright trade which I believe the Pistons won easily.

I also looked at how the Wright trade would affect lineup and rotation.

But this trade is unlikely to be the end and could lead to future moves. First, let’s take a look at what the Detroit Pistons could do next.

Detroit Pistons: Who will be traded next?

The next butt will most likely be Wayne Ellington, who shot well enough this year to make himself an asset that could help a competitor.

Ellington is unlikely to be in command of much, but Troy Weaver can likely secure another round two election and possibly a project player for the veteran.

Though less likely, Mason Plumlee’s pistons could keep going too. Plumlee has been fantastic this year, but its commercial value may never be higher. So if the right deal comes up, don’t expect Weaver to hesitate.

The rest of the Detroit Pistons are likely safe, though I wouldn’t rule anything out entirely, especially if Troy Weaver is looking to get a bigger deal on.

Piston: Trading Delon Wright could lead to future moves

The deal with Delon Wright was definitely made for the future as Cory Joseph is not a guy who will be part of the long term plans.

The Pistons cleared around $ 6 million in cap space for the next season and also picked up two second-round picks, both of which could be factors in future moves.

For example, if the Pistons were looking to take an opportunity for someone like Norman Powell, it might be useful to have that extra space and borrowed capital as they can absorb part of his future salary and have more ammunition to trade.

The Pistons could also trade against a restricted free agent, such as Josh Hart, who they can then re-sign with some of the money they saved on the Wright trade.

The Pistons could even get in on a trade as a third team, making the trade easier by taking out a bad contract against a future asset.

This move isn’t about Cory Joseph, it’s about the future, and the Detroit Pistons now have a lot more flexibility to make moves.

Thank you for your service Delon Wright and well done Troy Weaver!

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