Chef Call Inspires with Local Organic Pop Up Dinners –

And this is where the youthful reputation comes in, spreading the word about the importance of healthy, nutritious foods plate by plate and creating a regenerative food system. He sees food as medicine and his business, planted cuisine, serves as a channel for his message with pop-up dinners, dining experiences, education and community building. His multi-course menus are 100 percent plant-based, come from the region and contain food as medical principles.

“I think we offer an approachable philosophy for healthier food choices,” says Call, 31, who made Traverse City his home. “Dinner experiences are about getting people to think more about their food choices, inspiring them to cook for themselves, and making them aware of the content we create to help them become themselves connect that way. “

Call’s path to promoting healthy eating and a regenerative food system was rooted in his childhood. He grew up on a small plot of land in New York State with fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs. He picked seasonal produce and worked under the guidance of his mother, Naomi Call, who was a cook at the time. The family eventually moved to California, where Call was pursuing a media career before his “aha” moment. A visit to a farm while studying global sustainability at UCLA brought him back to the source of food and the importance of healthy soil. Planted cuisine has taken root.

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