CDC Suggests Youth Indoor Sports Be Put on Hold

Higher COVID cases could lead to more restrictions being reintroduced.

Now indoor youth sports could be put on hold again.

On Wednesday, the states recommended by the CDC recommended restricting these types of activities.

Andy Page, President of Grand Traverse Bay YMCA, said, “Further restrictions and the potential need to further restrict these types of activities could prove very difficult for many young people.”

The Grand Traverse Bay YMCA has been allowing students to participate in indoor programs for the past few months, with additional precautions such as face masks and a heavy emphasis on social distancing.

Page says “We were able to survive and do our best to provide a safe atmosphere for these youth sports.”

Now the CDC recommends that states with increasing COVID cases restrict this type of activity.

The Grand Traverse Bay YMCA says they will obey the restrictions, but that it could negatively affect the children.

“So many of them have looked at it so much in this pandemic. It is very important that Y can offer these types of programs and activities for these young people, ”says Page.

Traverse City West High School’s track and field director Jason Carmien agrees.

Carmien says: “Morality is certainly a big thing. That hit all hit groups differently, but when it comes to college sports, kids really have problems without their activities. “

Traverse City West High School says even though many of their sports are outdoors, it still affects students who choose to play sports outside of school.

“Club sports are our feeder programs, and when they have limitations and can’t play, it hurts everyone. We’ll see how this plays out over the next few years as we lose attendance, ”says Carmien.

Traverse City West says they will take the situation as it comes and put more restrictions in place if necessary.

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