Baby Boomer Trends for Assisted Living In Northern Michigan –

Assisted living in the baby boomer world

Decisions. This is what baby boomers want in housing as they age, as is Gen X, says Jane Marie O’Connor, owner of 55 Plus Marketing and national senior housing consultant.

While the Silent Generation, born between 1926 and 1945, probably wanted meaning and choice too, they were satisfied with what had been offered. Boomers have different lifestyle and location ideas.

“They disrupted and changed everything they touched in their lives,” says O’Connor. “They weren’t conformists. So you don’t want to retreat and sit back and watch the world go by. Their lives have a purpose and a purpose, and that’s what they want to explore. They want new adventures, they want socialization. “

Establishments competing for this demographic have driven the revolution of welcoming pets, incorporating technology, making wellness an integral part of the day, and providing flexibility in both meal times and dining environments. Bistros, cafes, and takeaway options may fit better with a boomer’s active lifestyle, as does the flexibility of mealtime that doesn’t force anyone to go home for dinner in the middle of a pickle ball tournament or read at the local school kids .

A more recent trend concerns the theming of entire complexes. There are communities designed exclusively for Harley Davidson lovers, boaters, people with a certain religious belief, immersion in the great outdoors, and more. One customer, says O’Connor, is developing a wellness community in Mexico that includes plantings with aromas to calm or stimulate the mind, Japanese sand gardens, and areas where technology is banned.

“We see people really doing their homework and voting accordingly,” says O’Connor. “There is always that common aspect of a meaningful purpose and an active lifestyle. Boomers are looking for a new adventure and want to know, “What are the things that are going to really upset me?” “

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