Ann Arbor Architects plan to renovate Food Truck as a pop-up design studio

Ann Arbor Architects Synekdoche Design Studio plans to renovate an old food truck into a shareable, mobile design workshop that can support local creatives and teach manufacturers’ skills.

Synekdoche recently started a Kickstarter campaign to introduce TruckTruckwho is set to be impersonated by a collapsed food truck donated by Ricewood Grill. Synecdoche co-founder Lisa Sauve says the company is also an unofficial start for a nonprofit that is in the works. It ties in with the motto of your company: Do Good Work.

“TruckTruck solidifies a lot of our efforts to do a good job,” she says. “We’ve done little things in the community over the years and now we’re creating a way to focus everything together and bring other resources and people into the mix.”

She adds that the company will also address a need that her company was concerned about.

“There are missed pockets in our community and we have to go into the community and meet people where they are,” she says. “We want to create fairer and more accessible ways for people to participate in creative experiences.”

The Kickstarter campaign runs through October 28 with a goal of raising $ 12,000. The funds will be used to make the truck (which is equipped with a CD printer) roadworthy. Donations will also allow organizers to reconstruct the interior of the truck to support tools for manufacturing workshops, retail warehouses and displays; as well as purchase of art supplies.

Sauve says the support so far has been encouraging and she is very confident that the campaign will achieve its $ 12,000 goal, but she is excited about the opportunity to gain more community support.

“It’s going to take a lot more money, so we’re also looking for funding to help,” she says. “We’ll do everything in our power to raise the $ 12,000 and hope the community meets us on the other side.”

Synecdoche’s goal is to collect donations in autumn, carry out mechanical repairs in winter and get TruckTruck on the road by May. When TruckTruck is ready to drive, it is rented from local small businesses for one to three months.

“Synecdoche will first test it with a few workshops for mobile manufacturers, and then we want creatives to use it to bring creative experiences to the community,” Sauve says. “We look forward to becoming a roaming beacon of creativity in our city.”

Jaishree Drepaul’s brother is a freelance writer and editor and currently resides in Ann Arbor. She can be reached at [email protected].

Photo courtesy Synecdoche Design Studio.

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