Lansing Beougher (stepson of Randy Travis) charged with savage home assault on a buddy in Nashville – Scoop: Nashville

Randy Travis’ stepson, 23-year-old Lansing Davis Beougher, was taken into custody early Sunday morning. He was charged with assaulting his longtime girlfriend in which he stomped her head after pushing her to the ground. The police found her bloody and with green residue from his shoes on her face. The victim says Randy’s wife, Mary Davis, told her to apologize for the scene after her son hit her. October is the month of domestic violence.

Metro police were sent to a residence in West Nashville after neighbors called police shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday about a domestic malfunction. When the neighbor heard the screaming and screaming, he looked outside and saw a young woman running to his door. She was Raliegh Beougher’s friend.

Lansing Beougher (MNPD)

She told police the two had been to a party near Detroit Pike’s 6500 block, and when she found out that her boyfriend Lansing Beougher was still actively using drugs, she told him she was leaving. She says Lansing then grabbed her arm, pulled her close, and pushed her to the floor where he stomped his foot on her face. He wore green shoes, which left a green residue on her face and arms, the police found in an arrest warrant against Beougher. She also had bloody fingers with a torn fingernail and a cut on her chin, the report said. The victim stated that several people had to pull Lansing away from them to stop the attack. – Shop locally! Shipping to you!

After the attack, the victim and Lansing left the group and agreed to take an Uber home to West Nashville. Lansing promised, according to the victim’s testimony, “Get in, I won’t touch you”. An argument broke out while driving and the victim said she tried to call 911 twice. However, Lansing took the phone from her and was still in his possession when the police arrived. When the couple got home, Lansing’s mother and Randy Travis’s wife, Mary Davis, reportedly told the victim to apologize for creating a scene. A publicist for Travis confirms Mary Davis’ testimony, but says this applies to both the victim and her son, the accused.

Lansing Beougher and girlfriend (Facebook)Lansing Beougher and girlfriend (Facebook)

The victim informed Randy Travis’ wife that she would not apologize and get her affiliation and call the police. However, Lansing is said to have blocked the door every time she tried to escape from the house. She finally escaped and jumped over the little fence. At that point, she said Lansing pulled her back over the fence. After a fight, she finally reached the house of the neighbor who had already called the police. The victim said part of the attack was caught by the doorbell on the house. When the police went to the door, however, it was apparent that the doorbell camera and all of the evidence on it had been removed.

Lansing Davis Beougher is charged with assault, wrongful imprisonment and vandalism. He is free for a $ 8,000 bond and is due to appear in court in November. While these are his earliest charges in Nashville, Beougher is considered a long-winded criminal history in several other jurisdictions. Shortly after Beougher was released from the 12-hour domestic violence detention center, both parties posted on their Instagram accounts. The victim commented, “never thought that such a small puppy could make me feel like everything will be fine” while Lansing checked into Valentino’s with drinks and wrote “has been a long day give me energy”.

Randy Travis is having a concert at the Ryman tonight and, according to his publicist, was not home at the time of the incident.

The warrant / affidavit reads: On October 27, 2019 at around 0052 a.m., officers were sent to 4920 Kentucky Av for a domestic disturbance.  The officers contacted the complainant, who said he heard shouting and screaming from outside, went outside and saw the victim running to his door.  The officers contacted the victim, who said she was being prosecuted.  According to the victim, she and her boyfriend, the defendant, were at a party near 6500 Detroit Pike in Nashville Davidson County.  The victim is currently unable to provide an exact address as the defendant has her phone, but it sure did so in Davidson County.  The victim said she found out that the defendant was still actively using drugs and told the defendant that she was leaving.  At that moment the defendant grabbed the victim by the arm and pulled him back to him.  The defendant pushed the victim down several times and kicked her head and arm.  The victim stated that the defendant wore green shoes and that the victim has green residue on the face and arms.  Also, one of her fingernails is torn off and bloody and another is torn off and she has a cut on her chin.  The victim stated that several people had to pull the accused off her, but all of these people quickly left the scene.  At that point, the defendant and victim went outside and got into an Uber.  According to the victim, the defendant told her

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