Ron Bacon is running for the East Lansing City Council seat he was appointed to last year

EAST LANSING, Michigan – East Lansing City Councilor Ron Bacon is running for the seat he was appointed to last year.

Bacon is one of two candidates to retire from the last two years of former Alderman Mark Meadow’s tenure. Meadows resigned from the council in 2020. Bacon was appointed to fill the vacancy until a new election.

“I’m currently running for the seat I’m currently sitting in,” said Bacon.

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Bacon was appointed to the city council in 2020 and is now running for the election of a two-year seat.

Bacon graduated from Saginaw Valley State University.

“My bachelor’s degree is in criminal justice and I have a master’s degree in leadership,” said Bacon.

He has 25 years of experience in the public sector.

“I’ve been in biotechnology and pharmacy for about 25 years,” said Bacon. “I’m on several local boards and commissions here, and I’m also a local high school football coach for East Lansing High School.”

East Lansing High School

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Bacon is a defensive assistant coach for the college football team at East Lansing High School.

Bacon is a defensive assistant coach for East Lansing. She and Varsity Football Coach Bill Feraco have been working together for six years, and Bacon’s work ethic for the team was more than he could have asked for.

“What we have here is a high quality, authentic person who has a pretty good pulse of what’s going on not just in football but in life in general,” said Feraco.

And bacon was an asset to the students, he said.

“Whenever he sees something that needs to be addressed, he has always dealt with those things,” said Feraco. “Whether football or probably more important, when there are things that have to be addressed with the organizational part of things with the children.”

East Lansing City Hall

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

East Lansing City Hall.

Bacon said he wanted to focus on three topics.

“I want to focus on housing construction, economic recovery for both small and local businesses, and general regional cooperation,” said Bacon.

Bacon said the pandemic has given the council time to reconsider codes and regulations and will continue to do so if it is elected.

“It was time to slow down and see where our inefficiencies were and I think we can continue down this path and try to revise and remove any redundancies and inefficiencies in our own process to make it easier to do business to make and live East Lansing, ”said Bacon.

He also wants to address the issues caused by the pandemic.

“In the future there are labor shortages, there are now many other areas caused by the pandemic,” said Bacon. “It is now the responsibility of the next council to deal with the causes.”

Bacon said what sets him apart from other candidates is being open about things.

“I’m really open to listening to all sides,” said Bacon. “I don’t come up with a particular method or agenda that I’m driving with. We find the best solution and I listen to all sides. “

Bacon is running for the two-year seat against Mikey Manuel. In the November election, two more seats on the city council will be awarded. Both have a four-year term of office.

FOX 47 will profile all candidates for the November election.

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