82 units proposed on the west side of Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, MI – Plans are underway for a new 82-unit housing estate in northwest Ann Arbor.

“The A2 North Maple Project is an advanced development plan that addresses current housing needs in the city of Ann Arbor while anticipating an ‘all electric’ future that is less dependent on cars,” the proposal reads.

“Our design philosophy includes sustainability, affordable living and solar availability in every planning decision we make. We value the preservation of natural features such as listed trees on site whenever possible. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. “

The city’s planning committee is expected to have a first look at the Proposed Unit Development (PUD) proposal for 1815-1875 N. Maple Road during a pre-bid videoconference with the development team on Wednesday evening, October 13th.

The session is open to the public.

The project is proposed by A2 Collaborative LLC in collaboration with the planning and design office Nederveld.

It is planned for 3.13 acres on the west side of North Maple Road, south of the M-14 and Skyline High School.

The plans show a four-storey building with 19 residential units and a lobby on the first floor, as well as 21 residential units on each of the three floors above. This includes 20 studios, 46 one-bedroom units, 12 two-bedroom units, and four three-bedroom units.

It is not clear from the documents whether the apartments are rented or condominiums for sale.

The plans also show a basement with two laundry rooms and 67 storage spaces.

A smaller leisure building would include a relaxation room / fitness room and a community flex area as well as a walkable green roof.

The plans show solar panels covering the 17,480 square meter area of ​​the residential building.

There would also be a parking lot with 68 parking spaces, including eight EV spaces and one potential ridesharing, as well as solar panels on a 2,880-square-foot carport area.

“Our goal as a company is to focus on the city’s A2Zero 2030 sustainability goal,” says the proposal. “Our floor plan aims to present a development standard that reflects the current needs and values ​​of the city and its residents. We are committed to innovative design goals, green certifications and the use of sustainable materials in our construction methods. “

The plots proposed for the project include a house built in the 1950s on N. Maple Road in the city in 1815 and two other residential properties to the north that would need to be attached to the city by the Municipality of Scio.

Plans call for 13 distinctive trees to be felled and 111 smaller replacement trees to be planted.

The development team did not respond to a request for additional comments.

The project must be approved by the planning commission and the city council.


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