3 Lansing neighborhoods can be moved to different stations

LANSING, Michigan – The Lansing Electoral Commission has approved a plan that would relocate two boroughs on the south side and one on the far northern edge of the city to separate boroughs.

It is now going to the city council for final approval.

“This would not be in effect for this election, it will come into effect in future elections,” said town clerk Chris Swope.

The redistribution plan is designed to bring voters closer to larger polling stations and ensure that each ward council has roughly an equal population, he said.

“This is all just so we can have equal representation on the city council,” said Swope.

Lansing redistributes every 10 years after the census. Swope said the city had made it a priority since 1960.

“If you look at the city, Lansing City had a lot more counties and they had a very uneven population,” he said. “Many people were better represented than others. So we just want to make sure that everyone is represented equally. “

With the plan, District 1 would win nearly 430 voters, District 3 would lose more than 400 voters, and District 4 would lose about 25 voters.

“There’s an area south of the South Washington office complex, in Elmhurst they’re voting. That will move that group to the fourth ward and they would be voting here in South Washington, ”Swope said. “There’s a ward right across from our facility that is currently voting in the Brothouse Church that would get them to vote here, and then there’s a section in the north that is part of the fourth ward and becomes part of the first station.”

If passed by the council, the plan is expected to affect around 3,000 voters.

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