2 suspected of illegally dumping tires on Detroit’s west side arrested

Detroit – Police said Thursday they arrested two men for illegally dumping tires in the city.

Officials said the men were caught unloading more than 100 tires in a neighborhood in the Eaton and Cheyenne area near the Schaefer Highway and Lyndon on the west side of the city.

Hidden video cameras recorded the activity, it said.

“Illegal dumping is a quality of life issue and we will relentlessly pursue the people dumping in the city of Detroit,” said Detroit Police Chief James White. “(Dumping is) absolutely unacceptable. If you dump in our town, you will go to jail.”

White made the remarks at a 10:30 am press conference held near Eaton and Cheyenne. He was accompanied by police investigators and officials from the City Ministry of Public Works, the building, the Security and Engineering Department, and the Ministry of the Environment.

Detroit Police Department’s Matthew Fulgenti, who works for the department’s organized crime division, said the men were seen using a pickup truck around 1 p.m. Wednesday in an empty building in the city about seven times Tilt area.

The officers caught two suspects who were throwing garbage in the building. They were arrested and the truck was confiscated, police said.

Both men are being held at the Detroit Detention Center while the district attorney’s office is reviewing the case, they said.

Fulgenti said each of the two men could face fines of up to $ 20,000. Both men are in their twenties. The driver of the vehicle is not a Detroit resident, but the other man is.

“The message is clear: we will not tolerate this behavior in our community,” said the lieutenant. “And we will use all of our resources to stop the dumping of rubbish in our city.”

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