Zingerman is hiring. See which jobs are open

Outside of Zingermans Delikatessen Monday 13 May 2019.Jacob Hamilton

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ANN ARBOR, MI – More than 20 hospitality jobs are open with the Zingerman Community of Businesses.

The Ann Arbor-based company is hiring in Bakehouse, Roadhouse, Delicatessan, Cornman Farms and Creamery.

Jobs include:

  • Bakehouse overnight delivery driver, retail outlet, warehouse and receptionist.
  • Cornman Farms event staff and bartenders.
  • Deli sandwich maker, accounting manager, barista and cafe service.
  • Roadhouse Barkeeper Support, Breakfast Server, Busser, Dishwasher, Supervisor and more.

Wages and job descriptions are published online. The full list of jobs can be found here.

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