Update On City Bridge Projects

Posted by Beth Milligan | October 30, 2021

Construction on bridge projects in downtown Traverse City is progressing, with a temporary closure expected this week for the Park Street Bridge for the railing installation and the South Cass and Eighth Street Bridges, both expected to be completed in November. Here is the latest update on each of the four ongoing bridge projects, according to the city of Traverse City:

Park Street Bridge: 1-5 Closed in November
Construction of the Park Street Bridge began on June 2nd and was opened to vehicle and pedestrian traffic on September 2nd. A short-term closure is for the 1st to 5th pedestrian railings. The project included building a new bridge deck and increasing the width of the sidewalk to nine and a half feet from the existing width of nearly six and a half feet. Pedestrian zone lighting and traditional street scenes were also included in the project.

South Cass Street Bridge: Expected completion in November
Construction of the South Cass Street Bridge began on June 14th and is expected to be completed by mid-November. The project includes the removal and replacement of bridges. Features include a decorative pedestrian railing and a traditional street scene.

East Eighth Street Bridge: Expected completion in November
Construction of the East Eighth Street Bridge began on July 26th and is expected to be completed by mid-November. The project includes the replacement of the bridge deck and the expansion of a water pipeline. Other features integrated into the project are the extension of the cycle path to connect it to existing cycle paths, a wider sidewalk, decorative railings and an aesthetic double-arch cover. The walkway under the bridge will be raised and lighting will be installed.

West Front Street Bridge: Expected completion in June
Work on the West Front Street Bridge began on September 27 and is expected to be completed in June 2022. The project includes the expansion and replacement of the bridge as well as the expansion of a water pipe. The parking lot for vehicles will be maintained along the bridge on the north and south sides. Amenities include expanding the sidewalk from its existing 7.5 ‘width to 11′-17’ width with a traditional street scene with pedestrian lights and street trees. Aesthetic treatments on the front walls and an arch-like fascia are also integrated. In the vicinity there are diversion signs for vehicle traffic. The pedestrian diversion is across the Boardman River footbridge on Pine Street to Garland Street and Hall Street.

City officials are coordinating the bridge projects with the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Traverse City Transportation Service Center and Local Agency Bridge program, the city’s public utilities and public services, the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority (DDA), state and federal Authorities, property owners and water sports companies. The projects are funded by the MDOT Local Bridge Fund (US $ 5.2 million), City Funds (US $ 361,000), City Municipal Utility Funds (US $ 680,000) and DDA Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Funds (US $ 681,000).

Cars and pedestrians are asked to follow the diversion signs around the bridges. The Boardman River will continue to be closed to traffic on weekdays and open as much as possible on weekends. Shops in the affected areas remain open and can be reached via the pedestrian diversion. The city reminds pedestrians that every bridge area is an active construction zone and pedestrian detours should be observed. With sidewalks being poured and paved in the near future, pedestrians shouldn’t cross the bridges for safety reasons.


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