University of Michigan senior launches student athlete website to sell memorabilia

ANN ARBOR, me. – A University of Michigan senior came up with a creative business idea by working with his favorite team.

Inspired by some pretty recognizable faces on the basketball court, Jason Lansing is now helping athletes sell their memorabilia.

There are currently two teams left in the NCAA tournament, which means many players have played their last college basketball game and are stuck with loads of gear.

Lansing has been the manager of the Michigan basketball team for four years. After making friends with former Michigan players like Xavier Simpson and Charles Matthews, he wanted to help them make money after their college careers ended.


He and two friends created The Players Trunk, a website featuring sports equipment and memorabilia from universities across North America.

“The athletes will reach out to us after their season and say, ‘Hey, can I list my stuff with you guys on The Players Trunk?'” Lansing said.

Lansing saw this not only as an opportunity for himself but also as a great way for former players to capitalize on it.

“The athletes really came because I think they are very happy to realize that this is a great opportunity to make extra money,” said Lansing. “Especially after college when you haven’t made any money in four years.”

The site features not only basketball players for men, but baseball and soccer for men, and basketball and volleyball for women.

“I think there are so many options – not just for the star players, but for every college athlete,” said Lansing. “They are heroes in their hometown.”


With interest from both fans and athletes, Lansing said business is doing well

“We have placed nearly 6,000 orders,” said Lansing. “Which in itself is super exciting for just three college students.”

Lansing will graduate from the University of Michigan in May. He said he plans to spend all of his free time doing The Players Trunk his full-time job.

For more information, visit The Players Trunk official website here.

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