Traverse City’s The Accidentals and Biomassive find chart success with latest EPs

Two Traverse City bands, representing different parts of the musical spectrum, have caused an impressive sensation with their latest EPs, and there will be more to come.

The indie alt-folk band The Accidentals shot with “Time Out: Session No. 1 “went straight to number 1 on the Local Spins Hot Top 5 Charts in West Michigan in May with” Time Out: Session No. 1, ”an intimate and highly collaborative songwriting project that the trio released earlier this year, Kann.

Right behind The Accidentals at # 2 on the charts, representing the local and regional albums that scored the most radio airplays last month on Grand Rapids’ WYCE (88.1 FM), was Traverse City electronic rock / jam band Biomassive, who recently their cosmic, psychedelic and festival-friendly “Monolith”.

For The Accidentals, the top spot on the WYCE chart is just one example of the overall national success of “Time Out”, which topped the Americana Radio Albums Charts recent “Bubblin ‘Up” list last week, just shy away from it nationwide to make it into the top 50.

“We have to say hello to Jeff Appleton who works on the radio and all of the incredible DJs and broadcasters who are still making the music and helping bring it into a still largely COVID world,” said multi-instrumentalist Sav Buist from The Accidentals.

“When you can’t tour an album release, you rely heavily on the voices still speaking through the silence. These people got through for us. Sometimes it just takes a twist, then people hear it and start (they share it), and suddenly the music has a life. “

Traverse City electronic rock / jam band Biomassive recently released their cosmic, psychedelic and festival-friendly “Monolith”.

The EP project was special, Buist said, because it included co-authors with widely respected artists Dar Williams, Kim Richey, Maia Sharp, Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris, authors who rarely get enough recognition for songs. “

The collaboration “has helped us through a difficult year and we found great comfort in sharing these stories,” she added. “At the end of the day, we realized that these co-writers had captured a moment and they needed to be published.”

It’s just the beginning of an active year for The Accidentals, who will play Concerts in Rogers Park on July 7th in Sparta, followed by an appearance for the Listening Lawn series from Grand Rapids’ Listening Room in Studio Park downtown Grand Rapids will be held on July 8th as they prepare for the release of a long-awaited full-length studio album titled “Vessel”.

The Accidentals, a Traverse City based band, have achieved national success with their album.

The album will officially debut during shows at the City Opera House in Traverse City from September 28-29, before launching nationwide on October 1st.

“It’s a total left turn from the ‘Time Out’ project,” said Buist. “It’s total folk-punk energy with electric guitars, strings, bass, heavy drums and triple harmony.”

For Biomassive, the band’s latest EP is another step towards a wider audience for their instrumental wizardry.

“We are thrilled and shocked to be included on this list (Hot Top 5 Radio Airplay),” said Wesley Roberge of Biomassive.

“The overall response to ‘Monolith’ has been electrifying and we are seeing more and more of these responses over time. “Monolith” is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. We’re just as excited about the recording of the album as we think our fans will get fresh new studio content from us. “

As the pandemic subsides, Biomassive is also increasing its benefit plan.

The band will play Torch Lake Camp Out in Alden on Friday, June 11th, Billy’s Lounge in Grand Rapids on July 9th, and The Jedi Cookout in Newaygo on July 24th, before performing at the high-profile Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, August 20.

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