Traverse City Resident Named Global Chief Philanthropy Officer –

“It’s really easy when you break it,” says Whiting. “What we’re doing at Impact100 is empowering and inspiring women while supporting local organizations. We want to make sure that all women feel invited to the table and that they can contribute in a meaningful way. “

While continuing to be an active member of Impact100 on the ground, Whiting has now joined Founder Wendy Steele and other colleagues to serve Kapitel as Chief Philanthropy Officer of Impact100 Global around the world.

“Everything I’ve done before has led me to this role,” says Whiting. “I am incredibly passionate about the role of philanthropy in change and it is a dream to be part of an organization that allows me to travel the country – and the world – to meet the most generous, passionate and incredible women who are out there want to improve their communities. “

In this new role, Whiting will work to provide the resources and support needed to further strengthen and expand Impact100’s movement-level work. She will help develop the tools needed to start and lift local chapters so that they can flourish, while underscoring her role as part of a global movement.

While many of her Impact100 colleagues work outside of Michigan, Whiting will stay in the area, working remotely for most of the year, and eagerly enjoying traveling to Impact100 chapters around the globe once it’s safe.

If you look forward to staying in her new role in Northern Michigan, you can expect to see Whiting anywhere in town. When she’s not practicing her love of philanthropy, she can explore local restaurants like Sugar to Salt (S2S), Rad.ish Street Food, The Little Fleet, and Farm Club, and do some of her favorite walks in Pyramid Point, Timbers, recreational area and hidden gems like this Miller Creek Nature Reserve.

“I am so happy to be able to live in this incredible place while doing the fulfilling work that I love. Knowing that I can stay locally grounded while celebrating global connections is so important that I can both influence our community and drive change elsewhere. We are all connected by the power of giving, ”says Whiting.

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