Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center Holds Sex Trafficking Forum

The Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center hosted a sex trafficking community forum Thursday night.

Their goal is to educate the community on how to tell when someone is having problems.

Carly Bentley, a homeland security forensic interview specialist, spoke at the forum and said human trafficking could occur in high tourist areas, such as many areas in northern Michigan.

There were over 350 human trafficking cases in Michigan alone in 2019, according to the Human Trafficking Hotline.

“The Traverse City Area is full of rural cities. So it’s definitely important to think about your small town you live in and big cities, ”said Bentley. “It happens right in sight and it really happens right under our noses.”

For more information on how to get involved in human trafficking education, please visit the Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center website here.

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