The Porter Apartments receive a tax break from Lansing

LANSING, Michigan – Residents of the Porter Apartments say their future looks pretty bright after learning the building is undergoing a $ 9 million renovation.

“I’m so excited that we can build this building because we’re right next to the capital and next to the beautiful park and the beautiful view that I have in my apartment, I just love it,” said local resident JoAnne Strahl.

In the past, residents of the eight-story building in downtown Lansing have complained about rats, bed bugs and other problems.

But Lansing City Council approved a payment in lieu of tax agreement with new owner Redwood Housing earlier this week.

Instead of paying well over $ 90,000 a year in taxes, Redwood only pays 4 percent of its rent. That is expected to be around $ 47,000.

Now that the deal is in place, Redwood can begin the renovation.

“You’re going to be adding new floors, new cabinets, new cabinets, new appliances,” said Councilor Patricia Spitzley. “They will also work with people with disabilities to make sure their rubbish is disposed of. You will have activities and services for residents there. There will also be air conditioning. “

Porter Apartment Building

The council approved the 40-year agreement by 5-2 in favor.

KMG Prestige will manage the site and Spitzley says she anticipates the new owner will make the necessary repairs.

“You have a good management company that has a good reputation,” she said.

While the porter may look the same, residents said they appreciate the efforts of the owner and management.

“You can no longer see the rats as we had them,” said local resident Faye Allen.

“This is exactly what we need now because we are seniors and we need help,” said Beam. “Some people have no families and some people have no resources and that is what they make available here.”

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