The Lansing officer was fired after internal investigations

A Lansing police officer has been fired and two are allowed to keep their jobs following an internal investigation into the November incident on Baker Street.

In this incident, at least 5 officers were videotaped meeting a 25-year-old man who was pinned to the ground while the person on the tape asked the police not to kill him. Pending an internal investigation, three officers were put on paid administrative leave following the incident.

Lansing Police Internal Affairs announced that officer Alex Rojas had been fired because the situation was escalating.

The officers Alec Slobin and Morgan Schager were exonerated. In the statement, Lansing police did not say what they discovered in their investigation, which exonerated Slobin and Schager.

Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green said, “The department recognizes the negative impact this incident has had on the community and is currently reviewing relevant guidelines and training.”

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