The high demand for designers leads to the merger of remodeling companies in Ann Arbor, South Lyon

ANN ARBOR, MI – As the demand for residential home remodeling companies increases in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen and Exquisite Kitchen Designs have decided to join forces.

Matt and Marsha Calus, owners of Exquisite Kitchen Designs, 117 N. Lafayette St. Suite B in South Lyon, needed more support for their growing business, Marsha Calus said.

“Last year, given the pandemic and the demand for the construction industry, we realized we needed systems and process support,” said Marsha Calus. “When we realized we really needed DreamMaker’s systems and processes to get to the next level.”

DreamMaker Bathroom and Kitchen, 2333 E. Stadium Blvd. in Ann Arbor, had tried to expand its service area, officials said. Owners Brenda and Lee Willwerth said Exquisite Kitchen Designs is a well respected and established local company that could help them with this.

Both locations will remain open under the name DreamMaker.

“We’re a design team, a construction team with two showrooms,” said Lee Willwerth.

Exquisite Kitchen Designs started out as a home business so Matt and Marsha Calus could stay with their children, Marsha Calus said. As the business grew, it moved a few times before settling in downtown South Lyon in 2017, Marsha Calus said.

The pandemic has pushed Matt and Marsha Calus to seek a partnership, Marsha Calus said.

“So many people stayed home because of the pandemic,” she said. “When we look at their kitchens and bathrooms and find that they just need an upgrade, and instead of going on vacation and spending money on travel, food and the like, we’re putting those extra resources into remodeling.”

Talks about the merger with DreamMaker began in the fall of 2020 and the merger took place in March.

Since then, Marsha Calus has taken on the role of sales and design manager for both locations, and Matt Calus leads the operations staff. Lee Willwerth continues to be responsible for the management of both locations, while Brenda Willwerth is the finance manager and the HR manager.

While this change may seem big, the design services that both companies have provided will remain the same, said Lee Willwerth.

In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, they also specialize in home offices, fireplaces, built-in closets, dirt traps, laundry rooms and basements, Marsha Calus said.

Customers will continue to receive the same service for their design projects from start to finish, said Lee Willwerth. Designers can take photos of client homes and talk to clients about their concerns, but most of the design work is done at the design centers, he said.

With demand right now, new customers interested in working with DreamMaker will be placed on a waiting list until appointments are available, Marsha Calus said.

Both locations are looking for interior designers and carpenters. Anyone interested in joining the team can reach them via email.

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