The Ann Arbor School District will close on Monday November 1st due to the recent increase in student and staff absenteeism – KW50 Detroit

(CBS DETROIT)– Ann Arbor School District administrators say they have had many absences from students and staff lately. Therefore, they plan to close the district for next Monday.

“Similar to a power outage or a bad weather day, there are situations where we have to take this step because of a high number of absences,” said Dr. Jeanice Swift, superintendent of the Ann Arbor Schools.

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This move closes the schools in the district. Dr. Swift says when it comes to absences this month, the daily attendance of staff and students has increased by about 30 percent, and the COVID safety measure appears to be the culprit.

“If you have any of these COVID symptoms we should stay home, and that is an important structure to keep everyone safe,” Swift said.

According to the district’s website. Between October 1st and October 22nd, the average weekly COVID cases among staff and students is around 50. Swift says they have substitutes for staff, but with such a steep increase in absenteeism, it is difficult to fill the gaps .

She says schools will be closed on Tuesday November 2nd due to elections.

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“Student safety at school is our top priority,” said Swift.

Currently, the district has no more closing days planned and says it sees this as a kind of snow day that doesn’t interfere or disrupt student learning

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