So This Is The New 12 months: TC Leaders Share Goals And Resolutions For 2023

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” On New Year’s Day – the first page of a book filled with blank pages – it’s common to look forward with that kind of optimism toward all the accomplishments, milestones, and good days that the year might hold. In that spirit of optimism, The Ticker asked 12 local leaders to share the New Year’s resolutions they’ll be chasing down over the next 12 months.

“We’d like to not get south in 2023! Seriously though, I’m excited to wrap up litigation and move forward with our housing initiatives. If legislators can get behind the idea of ​​a percentage of short-term rental revenue being used to build workforce housing, it would be the largest increase in housing funding the state has ever seen – and without raising taxes. It’s a lofty goal, but we like to make bold moves.”
Katy Bertodatto, founder and managing partner, Golden Swan Management

“2023’s focus at Traverse Solar is on design optimization and growth. We’re taking lessons learned over the last five years and changing things up in big ways. It’s time to scale up!”
Nathan Bildeaux, CEO, Traverse Solar

“We are looking forward to elevating the zero-proof drinking experience to tantalizing new heights with the official debut of Audacia Elixirs in 2023. In doing so, we’re excited to see our gathering spaces become more welcoming, fun, and satisfying for everyone .”
Loghan Call, co-owner, Audacia Elixirs

“Last year, the author Parag Khanna published a book titled Move: The Forces Uprooting Us. In the book he says the Great Lakes region – and specifically Michigan – may become the best place on the planet to live by 2050…because we have fresh water. We have an opportunity to not only protect our fresh water, but to leverage it as an economic driver for this region. My key professional goal for 2023 is to see the Traverse City Freshwater Research & Innovation Center become a reality.”
Warren Call, President and CEO, Traverse Connect

“2023 is the 30th anniversary of Chateau Chantal’s doors being open to the public, and our 37th year of grape growing on Old Mission Peninsula. I’m looking forward to celebrating the staff and investors that have been along this journey, and to preparing for the next generation of farm-based growth. Our region continues to showcase our fine wine potential, and I can’t wait to see where we go next!”
Marie-Chantal Dalese, Chateau Chantal

“My two themes for 2023 are gratitude and collaboration. When putting together our holiday cards, I calculated a combined total of over 200 years with Stella among our 43 current employees. We count scores of former employees among our friends. Every single relationship is a thread in the fabric of hospitality we delight in sharing, and serves as an extraordinary foundation for what the future can bring. It is a privilege to spend a whole year strengthening and honoring each one. Whether through simple acts like capturing memories or more grand events like collaborative dinners; I want everything in 2023 to be a big THANK YOU.”
Amanda Danielson, owner, Trattoria Stella

“2023 will be a banner year at Traverse City Whiskey Co., as we celebrate a decade of making world-class, award-winning whiskey. We’re also thrilled to officially break ground – and to begin construction on – our new distillery and visitor’s center, which will be an incredible addition to our great city for locals and visitors alike.”
Chris Fredrickson, co-founder and president, Traverse City Whiskey Co.

“In 2023 I resolve to be – and hope that we all can be – intentionally with our actions, words, and time spent with others and with ourselves. To spend more time with my family and our young kids enjoying the natural resources of our region. Lastly, to master the fine art of loading the dishwasher!”
Seth Johnson, executive director, United Way of Northwest Michigan

“2022 was filled with bubbles of excitement at Cultured Kombucha Co. Retail distribution doubled, new product lines began R&D, and strategic hires were made. As a team, we’ve developed pretty mammoth goals for 2023. The year begins with a facility expansion, launching a hard kombucha line, and an additional non-alcoholic product line. You’ll see new retail partnerships throughout the Midwest for Cultured Kombucha. Personally, my greatest goal is to be accountable to myself this year. At the end of the day, I’m creating my own future and I can’t hold anyone else accountable to that by myself! While the above goals are exciting, our true goal as a company this year is to walk our talk. Our goal as a company is to honor our mission statement throughout our growth in 2023: ‘Helping our customers make healthier lifestyle choices – one sip at a time.’
Courtney Lorenz, founder, Cultured Kombucha

“My professional and personal goals for 2023 are deeply intertwined. During 2023, I will actively strengthen my public speaking skills. It is essential that I am able to convey the variety and impact of Norte’s youth and community programs in a succinct and memorable way. A clear and genuine message will empower others to join Norte as participants, coaches, volunteers, and donors.”
Jill Sill, executive director, Norte

“Two of my favorite sayings are that ‘action speaks priority’ and ‘gratitude is best expressed through action.’ Having accomplished major professional and personal milestones in 2022, my resolution in 2023 is to make my gratitude and priorities clear through whatever I set out to achieve. At work, I’m grateful for the collaboration in leadership across organizations such as Boomerang Catapult, Northern Michigan Angels, 20Fathoms, NMC, and Traverse Connect. With this traction gaining speed across the state, the coming year will continue accelerating towards the economic vitality of this region by optimizing opportunities for our angel investors to invest their financial resources, wealth of knowledge and passion in emerging scalable startups. Hold onto your hat! It’s going to be a fun ride.”
Jody Trietch, CFO, Boomerang Catapult; executive director, Northern Michigan Angels; owner, taste the local difference

“I feel the most excited that I have about water at NMC since I first started in 2008. 2022 was great but 2023 will be INCREDIBLE, and truly the year of water for NMC and our many collaborators. Multiple water-based degree opportunities and the development of a globally significant Freshwater Research and Innovation Center are only the beginning. Personally, I want our programming to be a national powerhouse with students from across the world wanting to be part of it.”
Hans VanSumeren, director, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute at Northwestern Michigan College

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