Prep report: Hamling guides Grand Rapids to easy win

Taryn Hamling scored 31 points and hit seven 3-point points to level a big night for Madison James in Grand Rapids’ 72-49 win over Princeton in a high school girl basketball game on Friday night in Princeton, Minnesota.

The Thunderhawks took the lead 36:19 at halftime and expanded their lead in the second half despite a 40-point, seven-3-point outing from James.

Lance Puffer poured 33 points when the Lions at Cotton High School led the Mercuries.

The hosts Timberwolves beat the Panthers 11: 8 in extra time and won the non-conference game.

Emmett Faltesek led Ely with 27 points.

Trent Gomez had 24 points to lead hosts Agate to victory in the Polar League.

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