Portland Girls at Lansing Catholic

LANSING, me. (WILX) – It was the CAAC girls’ white division on the line between Lansing Catholic and Portland tonight. The Raiders were down three at halftime but found a way to come back and win that 45-35 by leading this team.

“The way we reacted … you know they got our number in the first half,” said Portland head coach Jason Haid. “It’s a good basketball team. They know that they are a young team, very talented. They came out, they had our number in the first half. Just very proud of the way we have strengthened. “

It was a story of two Avas – Senior Ava Gruber and Junior Ava Guilford, who rose tonight, with Gruber contributing 12 points and Guilford contributing 14 points.

“Ava (Gruber) is a great player, she was always good,” said Guilford. “In practice, we usually protect and push each other.”

“Ava and Ava were kind of waiting for their turn. You are just so selfless. We knew someone else had to show up tonight, we knew it. These two rose, ”said Haid. “That just tells you what kind of kids they are and what kind of leadership this team is and why we have such good team chemistry.”

The unity of this group was evident. The team is full of all-state and all-league players from last season.

“It’s really great for us to be able to come back. Ava Gruber is really great for us and while Ashley (Bower) hasn’t scored that many goals, she always makes a great contribution and always finds ways to help the team. “

Portland has now beaten the Cougars twice this season.

“Only the way we were left on the track was incredible,” said Haid.

Portland moves 6-1 this season. The Raiders will face Williamston at home on Saturday, February 27th at 1:30 pm. Lansing Catholic will play Okemos at home on Saturday February 27th at 4:00 p.m. CET

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