Norte Race Team Holds First Meeting for the 2023 Race Team

If you are a student interested in Cycling, the Norte Race Team in Traverse City will begin in their first meeting of the year on their 2023 race team.

The Norte Race Team is intended for students from fourth to 12th grade, and all skill levels are encouraged to participate in the community fun.

The race team hopes that riders will be able to experience the joys and challenges of competition and working together as a team.

If riders cannot attend the meeting, they say you can enroll next month once registration opens. They also say that riders are more than welcome to borrow bikes if they choose.

“So at Norte, we have a bike library that has over 600 bicycles in it,” Jill Sill, the executive director of Norte Cycling, says. “So absolutely students can shop at our programs, if they have a bike that’s not the right size or maybe doesn’t have gear or isn’t quite ready for the mountain bike trails that we’ll be exploring. We can provide a bicycle.”

For more information on the program and how to enroll, click here.

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