Meridian Township seeks proposals for Lake Lansing natural shoreline demonstration

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WILX) – Officials in Meridian Township are seeking proposals for a Lake Lansing natural shoreline demonstration.

Rather than using a seawall or another hard structure to protect property from erosion, natural shorelines are buffers that may include erosion control fabrics, native vegetation and rocks. Some natural shorelines use living and nonliving plant materials alongside natural and synthetic support.

According to the township, natural shorelines have economic benefits by being more cost-effective than installing hardened structures, less susceptible to ice damage and can increase property values. In addition to financial benefits, township officials said building a natural shoreline will benefit the wildlife of the Lake Lansing watershed while preventing erosion.

The proposals requested are intended to be used as a visual example and blueprint for lakefront owners that may “may wish to improve the health and function of their own shoreline.”

Meridian Township will be accepting demonstration proposals until Jan. 6, 2023. Full details can be read here.

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