Light Me Up Holiday Lighting Spreading Christmas Joy One Strand of Lights at a Time

A new service in Traverse City, Light Me Up Holiday Lighting, is helping bring joy to the area.

It started in November, just in time for the Christmas season. The owner and his business partner had the idea for a couple of years and decided to run with it in 2022.

“My partner Steve and I were both business owners in the community and are in the service industry businesses,” said Nik Biddinger, Owner of Light Me Up Holiday Lighting. “We kind of aim to please, and just that’s been a passion of ours and saw a need here in the industry for holiday lighting.”

Each job takes a couple of hours from unraveling the lights, screwing in the bulbs and installing them.

Light Me Up Holiday Lighting also maintains the lights during the season and removes them.

“We all know Clark Griswold, a lot of people kind of want that look,” explained Biddinger. “It’s more of an emotional thing where, you know, it goes with their passion, what they and what they want.”

Cindy Limcool had Light Me up decorate her house.

“I feel awesome when I see the lights at night. My grandkids absolutely love it. Our two youngest are almost eight and four, and they absolutely love all the decorations,” said Cindy Limcool.

Jeremy Johnson, who’s new to the area, also had Light Me Up bring holiday magic to his home.

“We were in Texas for the last four years, and this is a big business down there. Every subdivision has three or four companies that come through,” explained Jeremy Johnson. “Even before we were in Texas, we were here in Michigan. It was me climbing on a ladder, going up on the roof. That’s not fun.”

Light Me Up Holiday Lighting spreads Christmas joy one home and strand of lights at a time.

“After we’re finished, it brings people joy and hearing about the kid’s thoughts. It’s really for them at the end of the day, said Biddinger. “But, once a kid, always a kid. Even the adults get joy in it, too. So it’s a lot of fun.”

Light Me Up Holiday Lighting says they can customize the Christmas lights to whatever you want, but most people choose the classic soft white lights.

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