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Now rebuild the senior citizen center

At noon on November 4th, supporters gather in the outdoor senior center. You don’t have to be a member or a senior. Someday, you or someone you know may use it. It is time to erect a worthy building in this well-deserved, magical place.

The insistence of the district commissioners that the district’s money is not used for city property is pointless. Funding is given out. So it is not the taxpayers’ money of the district that goes to the city, but the federal economic stimulus money. It would make the community better, especially for those severely affected by isolation and death from COVID-19. The senior center keeps seniors healthier for longer. As a recreation center, it would be inexpensive.

How long has the current building been standing? I suspect the linoleum is older than Steve Nyland who initiated the event on November 4th. Didn’t he bring my family’s record-breaking eagle off his bike? Today he is the host of the men’s club in the senior center. Remember what Traverse City looked like when this cute little building was built.

Several architectural plans were drawn and discussed, with one clear favorite. It allows the current building to operate while a new, dignified facility is being built on the same property.

Build it in the bay. Now. You will soon be old enough to enjoy it.

Meredith Parsons McComb

Cross the city

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