Lansing finalizes candidates for the 2021 elections

The list of candidates applying for office in Lansing is now complete after the registration deadline on Tuesday.

At this year’s Mayor’s Race, the incumbent Mayor Andy Schor is aiming for a second term. His challengers include city council members Patricia Spitzley and Kathie Dunbar, as well as Larry James Hutchinson Jr., Melissa Huber and Farhan Sheikh-Omar.

Earlier this year, the former three-time mayor of Lansing, Virg Bernero, announced a new campaign for the city’s top position, but stepped back after several women made allegations of sexual harassment.

Chris Swope runs unhindered for the town clerk.

In the Lansing City Council race, eight candidates are looking for the two city council seats for election. Three people run in Department 2. In the 4th department, two candidates automatically switch to the general election.

This year’s primary elections will take place on August 3, the general election will follow on November 2.

Full list of Lansing candidates for 2021

Mayor (Elect 1)

  • Larry James Hutchinson Jr.
  • Andy Schor
  • Melissa Huber
  • Patricia Spitzley
  • Farhan Sheikh-Omar
  • Kathie Dunbar

Town Clerk (Elect 1)

Council member total (Elect 2)

  • Jeffrey Brown
  • Grant M Blood II
  • Peter Spadafore
  • D. Taft
  • Linda D. Appling
  • Rachel R. Willis
  • Claretta Duckett-Freeman
  • Linda Keefe

Councilor Ward 2 (Elect 2)

  • Nicklas Zande
  • Jeremy A. Garza
  • Oprah Revish

Councilor Ward 4 (Elect 2)

  • Brian T. Jackson
  • Elvin Caldwell

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