Lansing City Council approves the property tax extension proposal. Residents will vote in August

LANSING, me. (WLNS) – Currently, the City of Lansing is charging 19.44 mills, which is actually more than the state’s millage cap of 18.65.

That’s because the city’s voters agreed to expand the city’s mill in 2016, but that extension ends on June 31.

The Council therefore proposes to keep the same rate for the next five years.

Tonight they passed a resolution allowing voters to decide in August whether they want to keep the current millage. Adam Hussain, a member of Lansing City Council, said the money will help fund several city departments.

“To provide essential services like police, fire, road, sidewalk repairs,” said Councilor Hussain.

Lansing Police Chief Daryl Green said it was critical for the city to use these services.

“The resources we need from the city we saw 20-25 years ago are fewer,” said Chief Green.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said he supported getting more money to the police.

“We need these corpses, these people who can do the investigation, who can work to get the guns off the street, and these corpses need cars and they need bulletproof vests,” Mayor Schor said.

Others, however, are not as enthusiastic about the high tax rate and the allocation of some of these resources to the police department because they support calls to exonerate the police.

After the resolution is passed by the city council, voters will have the opportunity to weigh up on August 3rd.

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