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Interfaith relationships and the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict

This week on American Black Journal: As the Israeli-Hamas conflict continues, the “Black Church in Detroit” series examines the impact of the Middle East conflict on interfaith relationships here in Detroit and how the Black Church can better navigate the tensions arising from the Mideast conflict. 

Host Stephen Henderson talks with three Detroit religious leaders: Bishop Charles Ellis III of Greater Grace Temple, Rev. Dr. Constance Simon from Fellowship Chapel, and Bishop Mbiyu Chui from the Shrine of the Black Madonna #1.  

The ministers discuss how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impacts them as Black clergy, as well as all African Americans. They talk about the importance of the Black Church speaking to the issues of the world and how the Black Church can help make things better for interfaith relationships here in this community during these turbulent times.  

Additionally, the ministers offer their thoughts on the role humanity plays in conflicts like the one in the Middle East, understanding the dynamics of the situation and helping to provide clarity for their congregations, and the need for the world to come together to work on creative solutions for co-existing instead of waging war. 

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