Federal funds to boost Lansing tasks, fire dept. equipment

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Millions of dollars in federal funding aimed at bolster Lansing’s infrastructure, including critical upgrades for the fire department.

A million dollars from the federal budget will help upgrade and maintain life-saving equipment in the Lansing Fire Department’s arsenal, according to city leaders.

This funding boost book ends a year of changes for the fire department under new leadership.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said while the city has a tight budget, federal funding like this ensures help is there when you need it.

“When they call 911, they rely on an ambulance to come to their house. And knowing that we have the necessary equipment to get there and help them that is very important,” said Schor.

Schor said nearly $8 million has been appropriated to help the capital city with ongoing infrastructure needs. $6 million will go towards an ongoing project separating combined sewer overflow lines. $750,000 will be invested in the much-anticipated Ovation performance venue in downtown.

$1 million will be invested in advanced life-saving equipment for Lansing Fire Department’s fleet. Chief Brian Sturdivant said the funds will cover three years’ worth of payments as part of a 10-year agreement with Kalamazoo-based medical company, Stryker.

“It will allow us to minimize the manual efforts we extend when we conduct CPR. It will allow us to be more proactive with our patient care and our bedside emergency medical services,” said Sturdivant.

He said the Advanced Life Support 360 program replaces aging equipment from defibrillators to stretchers. It also covers maintenance. Sturdivant came to the job in April. During that time, he pressed for upgrades to the department and supported a $175 million bond to create renovate and replace stations.

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He said he looks forward to leading the department into 2023.

“So being able to come into the organization, provide some steady, consistent positive, productive leadership, and with the stars aligning with all of these programs. The future is very, very bright for our community, very, very bright for the organization.”

With the equipment upgrades, Chief Sturdivant said better medical technology will also benefit his crews by making an already difficult job easier.

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