Digital engineering and cyber security innovation in Washtenaw County

After Applied Dynamics International (ADI), a leading global provider of industrial data processing and connectivity based in Ann Arbor, MI, held the 1st discussion and thought-leader round table in Michigan on Monday with a focus on cybersecurity, digital engineering and digital transformation.

To kick off the event, Scott James, President and CEO of ADI, discussed the importance of cybersecurity, the impact of a security breach on businesses, and the impact of tech jobs on the Michigan economy.

“Strong cybersecurity is critical for all businesses these days, but especially for businesses like ours that deploy business-critical infrastructures. As a leader in this field, we see it as our duty to bring together experts and thought leaders for events like this one to raise awareness and share best practices, “said Mr. James after the event.” We will keep our relentless focus on support of the latest cybersecurity standards and best practices in our products, in our organization and in our entire community. “

The keynote speech by Dr. Widely recognized as an innovator and industry leader, Selim Aissi discussed the latest trends in the cybersecurity threat landscape. His round table comments included advice on effective cybersecurity preparedness: “A company that has a cybersecurity culture is very important that cybersecurity is the first message from above, awareness is extremely important.” only when they are attacked, ”he stated.

Dr. Aissi followed Paul Krutko, CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, who commented, “Here in Michigan we are at a critical point in the economic future of our state, and the accomplishments of Applied Dynamics are a great example of that.” have to develop in order to be successful as a state. “

Chris Matus, Regional Director, Office of US Senator Gary Peters, also attended the remarks and discussions, commenting on cybersecurity and the Ann Arbor area: “As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee… these are threats that Senator Peters is very aware of and takes it very seriously …[and] Ann Arbor, as a city or region in the state of Michigan, is very well placed to be at the forefront of addressing these challenges. “

Rich Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, based in Ann Arbor, closed the formal remarks with the words “The work you do here” [at Applied Dynamics] helps nurture a community that enables us to keep our talents here [in Ann Arbor and Michigan] … this is a great place. “

Via ADEPT’s plug-and-play industrial computer and connectivity software platform

ADEPT is an industrial computing and connectivity software platform based on the concept of time-deterministic “data frameworks” that run on industrial real-time Linux servers and operate as a single, coherent, distributed resource that is intuitive to drag and drop -Drop desktop is controlled and managed tools. ADEPT is used in the largest and most demanding industrial computing and connectivity applications in the global aerospace and defense industries, but it can also be scaled with low-cost computer hardware and open source real-time Linux. ADEPT’s open architecture enables users to leverage world-class COTS and open source technologies in a common, project-based environment. ADEPT dramatically reduces the cost and time required to deploy and operate industrial open process automation capabilities and provides comprehensive, out-of-the-box capabilities based on a trusted technology platform.

ADI’s ADEPT software platform can support advanced open real-time and virtual computing applications that require NIST 800-171 and CIS Security Level 2 compliance.

About applied dynamics

Applied Dynamics is a company for digital engineering and industrial digital transformation solutions. We have been pushing the limits of simulation and real-time systems for over 60 years. Applied Dynamics’ flagship product, ADEPT, is the most advanced industrial Internet of Things (IoT) software platform in real time that offers an agile, open architecture and a feature-rich environment for the entire product lifecycle from development to integration, verification and validation , Certification, deployment and maintenance. ADEPT has an open architecture and enables its users to take advantage of the best COTS components in their class. The ADEPT user base includes 14 of the world’s top 35 A&D companies and spans the marine, energy systems, oil and gas, and automotive industries.

To learn more about how ADI and the ADEPT platform can help your team, visit or send an email to [email protected]

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