DePerno present for ‘tests’ on voting machines, court documents say ⋆

Matt DePerno, the former 2022 Republican attorney general nominee, was present as individuals met throughout Oakland County to perform “testing” and examinations on voting machines in 2021, court documents allege. 

A brief filed by Special Prosecutor DJ Hilson on Aug. 10, said DePerno and co-defendant Stefanie Lambert Junttila were “frequently” present in Oakland County hotel rooms and residences where individuals examined voting machines following the 2020 presidential election that former President Donald Trump lost to President Joe Biden. 

Special prosecutor announces final charges in 2020 voting machine probe

The brief was filed in response to Lambert’s request to have the trial moved to Antrim County in northern Michigan, with Hilson’s office saying she “wholly failed to articulate why Antrim County would be the proper venue.”

In the document, Hilson’s office argues that Oakland County Circuit Court is the proper venue for trial “because the crimes were committed in Oakland County.”  The brief also states “there has been no evidence that the tabulators were ever possessed in Antrim County by the defendants.” 

Hilson alleges that DePerno and Lambert Junttila coordinated with Michael Lynch, a private investigator and co-defendant Daire Rendon, a former Republican state representative, to “investigate” the 2020 election which former President Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden. 

DePerno, Rendon and Lambert Junttila are facing charges for allegedly attempting to access and tamper with voting tabulators. Lynch, a former security official for DTE Energy, is not facing charges, with Hilson announcing in an Aug. 3 statement that there would be no more charges in this investigation

According to the brief, Lynch acquired a voting tabulator and laptop that served as an electronic poll book for Lake Township in Missaukee County on or around March 18, 2021, at Lambert Junttila’s request. Lynch then allegedly brought the Lake Township equipment to a hotel in Oakland County. 

Lynch also obtained a voting tabulator and several associated USB drives from the Roscommon County Clerk, two more tabulators from Richfield Township and brought the three tabulators to a hotel room in Oakland County at Lambert Junttila’s request, the documents allege. 

Lynch later acquired another voting tabulator from Irving Township in Barry County that was used in the 2020 election and delivered the machine to Lambert at an Oakland County Hotel, according to Hilson’s brief. 

While the tabulators were being gathered, the documents say information technology experts would meet at various hotel rooms and residences across Oakland County to perform “testing” and/or experiments on the machines. According to Hilson’s office, the internal content of the machines was accessed and the computer system was manipulated during these experiments.

When a group decision was made to make a video of various tests being performed on a tabulator, Hilson alleges that DePerno and Lambert Junttila were present when the video was made at Lynch’s condominium in Royal Oak, with the video later being posted publicly on DePerno’s website. 

According to the brief, clerks began demanding their machines to be returned, with Lynch returning the equipment to Roscommon County and Richfield Township. on April 6, 2021, and the Irving Township tabulator on June 11, 2021. Lynch also allegedly coordinated the return of the Lake Township tabulator to Clerk Korinda Winkelmann at Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills on Sept. 10, 2021. According to the document, this tabulator was the same machine used in tests for the video. 

When the tabulators were returned, Hilson’s office said the security seals had been broken, and one machine had been physically pried open and damaged, with all five machines rendered useless. 

While DePerno previously stated on a podcast that he and others had accessed a tabulator, he has previously denied being present during a test of an illegally obtained tabulator, saying, “I have nothing to do with any hotel rooms or any Airbnbs.”

DePerno’s attorney, Paul Stablein, offered no additional comments on the case outside of those in a previous statement issued after DePerno was arraigned on Aug. 1. 

Stefanie Lambert Junttila | LinkedIn

In the statement, Stablein said DePerno “categorically denies any wrongdoing and firmly asserts that these charges are unfounded and lack merit.”

Lambert Junttila’s attorneys did not respond to an emailed request for comment. 

Lambert Juntilla is set to appear in Oakland County Circuit Court on Aug. 23 where Judge Jeffery S. Matis is expected to consider her motion for a change of venue to Antrim County.

DePerno and Rendon are expected to appear in court on Sept. 5 for a status conference. 

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