Concordia University Ann Arbor celebrates the outgoing president after 30 years of service

ANN ARBOR – The outgoing President of Concordia University – Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD – was recently celebrated with the Ferry Fest, a series of celebratory activities at the Ann Arbor and Wisconsin campuses.

Ferry Fest started on the Ann Arbor campus on Monday April 26th. From the chalk on the sidewalk to coordinated T-shirts: “Thank you, Dr. Ferry! ”Was visible in every corner of the celebration.

After 30 years of service at Concordia University in Wisconsin and Ann Arbor – including eight as President of the Ann Arbor campus – Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, will retire in June 2021. The search for his successor is ongoing.

In addition to a special band message and Ferry’s Last Lecture (the recordings of which will be published shortly), there was a surprise event that Ferry had not expected: the “Milestone Run”.

What he thought was a routine daily run with Vice President Ryan Peterson and Head Cross Country Coach Alli Unger ended with a lap on the track.


Not only were some of the significant on-campus successes achieved at the CUAA under Ferry on signs throughout the lap, but nearly 100 students, faculty, and staff were circled on the track to cheer him as he got his Surprise lap drove.

Additionally, over 60 miles were driven in honor of President Ferry, pledged by members of the Concordia community.

Check out some of the many milestones that have taken place at CUAA under the direction of Ferry on the CUAA campus.

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