Board & Brush Creative Studio opens the Lansing location

Skyler Ashley

TUESDAY, April 27 – A chain of art studios teaching customers how to make artisanal goods from scratch opens a new location in Lansing. Board & Brush makes its debut on Saturday and is designed to provide people with a fun place to enjoy craft workshops and maybe a few glasses of wine.

“The goal is that everyone who comes to our workshops leaves with something they can proudly display in their home or give as a gift to a friend,” said Rachel Seidel, co-owner of Board & Brush Lansing.

Guests at the grand opening of Board & Brush can tour the studio and learn how the workshops work. There are also free locally baked goodies and freshly brewed coffee. The first 50 participants will also receive a free gift bag.

Seidel said her goal with Board & Brush is to create a comfortable space in Lansing where people of all skill levels can spend time learning how to make homemade art projects without fear of judgment.

“The best thing about coming into our studio is that you can wreak havoc and we’ll take care of it,” said Seidel.

The accessories offered by Board & Brush include a variety of woods, colors and of course all the woodworking tools you need to make things like frames, signs, custom boxes, patio furniture and other decorating projects. According to Seidel, the Board & Brush workshops offer guests 400 different design projects to choose from.

“We cover every aspect of life in your home that you want to be inspired by,” said Seidel.

In addition to workshops, Board & Brush also hosts events on matchday outdoors with summer activities like cornhole. You can also book some private studio time, where you and a group of friends can take a handicraft class together. Seidel said Board & Brush also has plans to partner with Sanctuary Spirits to offer wine, cider, and other spirits during its workshops.

“Sanctuary Spirits will operate a tasting room off site. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s something really cool and unique that we’re going to have, ”said Seidel.

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