Biking Enthusiasts Stunned by Surprise Announcement of Cadillac Bike Shop Shutting Down

A surprise announcement is shaking the bicycling community as word spreads that Cadillac’s only bike shop is closing.

McLain Cycle and Fitness has been part of the Cadillac community for decades, and the bicycling community is saying it makes no sense for them to close. Especially since the city is expanding the white pine trails to connect all the way to Grand Rapids.

The bike shop was to be an important piece to that project.

Longtime customer Kammie Wade was emotional after hearing the news.

“It’s really sad that our community is losing something that’s not just a bike shop, but has offered so much more to our community and our kids. That’s really unfortunate,” said Wade.

Wade said she’s been coming here since 1998 when she bought her first bike at McClain’s. She’s been a frequent customer ever since.

“What really makes me really angry is that they’re keeping two stores open in Traverse City and taking ours out. Our only bike shop, that’s been here, like I said, for, what, 60 years? And keeping the two stores open in Traverse City. That does not sit well with me at all,” said Wade.

Patrick Belz, has also been coming here for years. It was a shock and a move he feels is very short sided, especially since Cadillac just completed construction of the white pine trail expansion. The trail now leads all the way to Grand Rapids.

Belz thinks it’ll be hard to get people to want to use the trail if there’s no way to repair your bike if it breaks down on the trail. Something that can happen sometimes.

“I’m not going to. If I was in Grand Rapids and rode my bike and know I was going to break down, I have a chance of breaking down in Cadillac and there’ll be no help there in Cadillac. I wouldn’t use a bike trail. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere on my bike and have to try to get home. We’re going to have no bike shop at the end of the trail,” said Belz.

Belz said he hopes another retail shop will sprout up to fill the void or he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He relies heavily on the bike shop not only for repairs but as a hub in the community.

“I’m a fixture. I come in here about every day. I ride on my bike, I stop in and say hi to guys. My dog ​​wanders around the shop a little bit and they get some milk bones from the fellows,” said Belz.

McClain’s has been open since the 1970s. Wednesday is the last day they will be open.

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