Behind the Scenes of the Traverse City Clerk’s Office on Election Day

It takes a lot of people to ensure a smooth electoral process.

The Traverse City Clerk’s office has spent the past few months preparing for Tuesday’s election. They have tested the equipment to make sure it meets state and federal guidelines.

“We also distributed a lot of postal ballot papers ahead of the election, answered voter questions and set up voting centers,” said Benjamin Marentette, Traverse City secretary.

Election day for the secretariat begins at 5 a.m. The secretary Marentette visits every district, casts every vote and the postal votes are counted.

“It really is a marathon day from around five in the morning to around midnight,” said Marentette.

In addition to the secretariat and the paid staff, more than 50 election workers volunteer.

“As chairman here, I oversee the process in this area. We have Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Inspectors in all locations, ”said Susan Fisher, Chair, Precinct 3, Traverse City. “It’s important to watch the process, be a part of your government and see how it all works.”

Marentette says he is grateful for all the volunteers who are stepping up and strengthening democracy.

Voters have until 8 p.m. Tuesday to cast their vote, and all postal votes are counted as long as they are put into the clerk by 8 p.m.

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