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Whether you are a fan of comics or not … the artwork featured on the pages of their adventurous and dramatic stories is eye catching. An artist from northern Michigan hopes his drawing and writing talents can do the same. We learned more about him in this artist profile.

Who are you?

I’m John Gravagalia and an artist from Traverse City.

How did you come to this?

My grown up teachers always encouraged me and told me to do art when I go to college. And I love comics and graphic novels, so I practiced creating and designing characters every day. Then I went to comic book conventions to showcase my work. I ended up getting published by a small publisher, and that’s where it started from.

What is the inspiration for your comic book heroes?

‘Subject Zero’ was a very fun and different project. It was a short film made by a Grand Rapids production company. A friend of mine connected to the film recommended that I help them with the script. They also asked me to help with the graphic novel and tie which are based on the film. ‘Subjet Zero’ is more of an anti-hero melodrama. The characters are only misunderstood because of their powers. You need to ask yourself whether they want to use their abilities for good or bad.

‘Thunder Boy’ is more carefree and good for children to read. He is the protector of Alpena. We made it based on the Thunder Con that happened every year in Alpena.

What do you hope people will take away from your work of art?

We all live in difficult times, especially with the coronavirus. I want to allow readers to escape and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can see the artwork by John Garavaglia by watching the video above, visiting his Facebook page, or you can see him in person at Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4) October 29-31, 2021 at the Grand Traverse Resort.

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