What Mel Tucker brings to the table in East Lansing

Things got messy when Mark Dantonio announced he was stepping down as head coach of the Michigan State Spartans.

Questions like “Why should he do this?”, “Who will replace him?” And “What will the future of MSU football look like without it?” came to my head. I was lost as a Spartan fan.

However, when the university announced the hiring of Mel Tucker, my worries and frustrations were resolved. I was happy with the rent. I’m still happy with the attitude. Michigan state football is in good hands with Tucker at the top of the program for several reasons.

Tucker, folks, is not your everyday head coach. No, this is a trainer that makes him feel different. Its very presence changes the culture of a program. Culture is something that Tucker focuses on. It’s something he consistently repeats. He’s very strong in the culture of this program.

Mel Tucker sees the importance of social media

However, that’s not the only thing I like about Tucker.

My favorite part about him is his presence on social media.

If you don’t already know, social media is the mere tool that drives society. It will be part of our lives forever. Tucker realizes that, which is why he’s so active on his platforms.

Twitter and Instagram are the two he’s been most active on, but he’s also switched to video. He recently allowed Spartan Vision, a Michigan state video group, to follow him in training. He even allowed the crew to record him leaving his house to drive to the facility and have a crew member with him in the vehicle.

Michigan State Football has never been a program that brings in a ton of four- or five-star recruits. That’s just not who we are. But with Tucker running this program, I’m expecting more four- and five-star recruits who want to be Spartan Dawgs. If I were a gamer I would want to play for this guy, regardless of prejudice. He cares about his players and this program.

That doesn’t mean that I say Dantonio didn’t care, that would be stupid of me. But this Michigan state soccer team definitely has a different feel, with Tucker taking the lead.

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