Union workers approve strike at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing if no contract is reached

Nurses and medical staff at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing are ready to strike if their contract is not agreed.

Union members voted overwhelmingly in favor in a vote that ended Sunday.

The negotiating teams will meet on Monday to reach an agreement. Kevin Glaza is a pharmacist at Sparrow. He says the vote does not mean they are on strike, but it gives the union leadership the power to call for a strike if no agreement is reached.

“Right now, the balls in Sparrow’s yard, we are awaiting a strong proposal that will help us recruit and retain our caregivers so we can provide the best possible care to our community,” said Glaza.

According to a statement from Sparrow, the hospital intends to reach an agreement before that happens.

Destiny Griffith is a nurse at Sparrow. She says she and her colleagues are overworked and understaffed.

“If someone takes care of almost twice the number of patients they should be treating, they will suffer because you can only be in one place at a time,” she said. “And you can only do so many things in 12 hours.”

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