U.S. Senator Gary Peters Visit Traverse City Vaccination Clinic

Clinic is preparing to cease operations in May

Senator Gary Peters, NMC President Nick Nissley, and Dr. Christine Nefcy, Munson Healthcare’s chief medical officer

The Grand Traverse County Mass Vaccination Clinic hosted U.S. Senator Gary Peters on Wednesday. The senator visited the premises in Traverse City and was inspected by the district health department. Peters also stopped to speak to county officials and members of the National Guard.

Peters Gt Vax

Mike Lahey, Grand Traverse County’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, gives a tour to US Senator Gary Peters

Senator Peters spoke about the Biden government’s plans to divert vaccines away from abundant areas and send them to areas where COVID case numbers are rising. “For example, when we saw this recent surge, the governor asked for additional doses. Other doses were available in other parts of the country. I think we could have brought these to our state to help us. But you understand, if we have excess doses, it will go to places that need it too. So you have a nationally coordinated answer. “

Meanwhile, the Grand Traverse County Health Department plans to cease operations for the mass vaccination clinic at the Hagerty Center in the next few weeks. They will focus more on satellite clinics and deliver vaccines where they are most needed. Mike Lahey, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, says, “We’re definitely not done yet. There is still a long way to go to get to the number of vaccine percentages we want to achieve. “He adds,” Now we really need to start focusing on those remote communities that may not have that much access to this vaccine to provide them with the resource that is so important. There are only a few obstacles that we must overcome in order to achieve this. “Gt Vax Clinic Peters

And 50% of the population in Grand Traverse County is now fully vaccinated – and 62% received a dose. The mass vaccination center played a key role in this, says health officer Wendy Hirschenberger. “We delivered over 40,000 doses from NMC’s Hagerty Center.”

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