Traverse City Community Reacts to New CDC Mask Recommendations

You could see a lot more people leaving the house without their mask.

The CDC published new mask guidelines that day, which means that anyone who is fully vaccinated will no longer have to wear a mask.

Business owners have a big decision to make, needing masks or not.

The Grand Traverse Distillery says this puts employees in a difficult position.

Owner, Kent Rabish, says “Ask someone for medical information and show me your vaccination card – it will be extremely awkward either way.”

At this point, the distillery says masks will continue to be needed until the state says otherwise.

In this case, some people are unsure whether to throw away their face coverings.

Community member Samantha Hipsher says, “Although I am fully vaccinated, at least for the near future, I plan to still wear a mask so other people can feel safe too.”

They also hope to avoid confrontation and confusion.

Hipsher says, “It’s been a whole year of everyone wearing masks and changing to where some need it and some don’t – I think it’s going to cause an initial problem.”

Others say they did their part by getting vaccinated, so they deserve the freedom.

Alexandra Lazarow says: “If you have to take the time to get the vaccine, there should be a reward and a benefit. That doesn’t wear a mask for me. “

While some people even think this CDC recommendation will ultimately help local businesses.

Larzarow says: “I think you will get more foot traffic with businesses and it will also be less stressful.”

The Traverse City Chamber of Commerce says they are currently comparing the CDC recommendation to MIOSHA before making final decisions.

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