Thoroughbreds down Detroit 139-121, start season 3-1

The Owensboro Thoroughbreds followed their inaugural home win on Friday with another high octane offensive performance on Sunday when they defeated the Detroit Hustle at the Sports Center.

Corey Wilford won the game with a 3-pointer on Friday night and continued his standout game with 40 points in the Thoroughbred 139-121 victory over the bustle.

Detroit only had five players available for the game, but that didn’t stop the Hustle from controlling most of the first two quarters and gaining a 59:54 lead into the break.

After half-time, the thoroughbreds increased their defensive pressure and used the tired legs of the hustle and bustle to secure a lead and hold onto it for their third win of the season.

Meshack Lufile turned it on for the Breds in the second half when he finished with 32 points, 25 of them in the second half.

Owensboro heads out on Friday as they take the Dayton flight.

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