The restaurant owner in Lansing is fed up with the third break-in in a year

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) – Gump Garmyn, the owner of Gumps BBQ, says he’s sick of it. It’s the third break-in for the local restaurant in less than a year.

The owner says the police caught the last person who did it but wonders why this keeps happening.

The last one took place early Tuesday morning. Garmyn went to work Tuesday morning to see the main door completely crushed.

“We showed up for work around 5:30 am [and] noticed that the door was broken into again. We got videos from the people next door, Fast Signs. ”

In the video you can see a man walking past the restaurant and a few minutes later you can see him carrying something to eat and drink.

“The gentleman only stole pork and a pop this time. It’s crazy.”

This is not the first time something like this has happened at Gump.

In October 2020 – the same case …

Someone broke in through the front door. Then again about a month ago – but the police caught this suspect.

Garmyn says he hopes law enforcement can do this again because he’s tired of it.

“Just frustrating, it really is. If you’re just trying to keep your business going and grappling with it all the time, it really is time to start looking for a new location. “

He has a message for whoever did this:

“Come in and talk to me and talk about getting yourself a sandwich or something if you really have problems. Just stop doing the damage just to steal food. “

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