The captains’ bats are quiet sport in Lansing

The Captains had a quiet night in Lansing, scraping four hits from a 2-0 setback on May 8.

Will Brennan doubled for Lake County (3-2) and Daniel Schneeman had two singles. But the rest of the line-up was 1:23 overall, and the captains were 8-0 with runners in goal position.

The sad offensive performance wasted a strong pitching performance. Matt Turner took the loss and scored two runs with three hits in four innings. He didn’t go and turned one off.

Nic Enright was a highlight of the evening for the visitors, throwing three innings of relief. He allowed a step and a hit and fanned out six.

The defeat meant a winning streak in three games for Lake County, which ended their series with six games on May 9 in Lansing. The first place is scheduled for 1:05 p.m.

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