Road Project Updates: M-37/Peninsula Drive Switch, 4 Mile/Hammond Roundabout, US-131 Construction & More

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has decided not to surrender Peninsula Drive / Center Road / M-37 to local jurisdictions. Work is scheduled to begin on a new roundabout on Four Mile and Hammond Streets, and several road construction projects begin this month in The Ticker’s latest look at road project updates.

M-37 / Peninsula Drive
After MDOT originally attempted to turn 17.3 miles of the M-37 / Peninsula Drive to the Grand Traverse County Road Commission and 0.74 miles to the City of Traverse City, MDOT reversed course and recently notified local guides that the state will retain control of the corridor.

Dan Wagner, director of MDOT Traverse City’s transportation services center, emailed Rob Manigold, chief of the Peninsula community, that MDOT no longer plans to transmit M-37, “primarily due to the downstream impact of its designation as Pure Michigan Byway “. The Peninsula Township trustees had opposed the transfer vigorously, fearing that the road would not receive the same amount of attention as the state from the GT County Road Commission. However, Traverse City officials backed the transfer, hoping to remodel Peninsula Drive between Garfield and the Eastern Front (pictured) into the city street instead of state highway standards. City Commissioner Brian McGillivary said Monday it was “a major disappointment” that MDOT would not move the stretch of road into town.

City manager Marty Colburn said the city is still working with MDOT on a number of possible security improvements to the corridor. In his e-mail to Manigold, Wagner also pointed out possible “geometric changes and some improvements for pedestrians” in the city section of Peninsula Drive. Wagner said MDOT also plans to carry out an estimated $ 2 million M-37 resurfacing project starting on the city’s northern limits and ending near the Mapleton area in 2022.

Four Mile / Hammond roundabout
Roads officials last week made an offer of nearly $ 2.1 million to Team Elmer’s to build a new roundabout on Four Mile and Hammond Streets. The East Bay community trustees will meet on Monday to approve budget adjustments to cover the community’s contribution to the project, which is estimated at $ 646,400. These costs are primarily related to utility works to extend the water and sewer lines through the intersection so that they can be used for future extensions without having to demolish the roundabout. “It’s very important to try this now so we can set up the utilities (for the future),” said Wayne Schoonover, county highway engineer / manager of engineering for the GT County Road Commission.

Some supply work has already started at the roundabout and will continue over the next few weeks. According to Schoonover, utility works could have a minor impact on traffic, e.g. B. Shoulder fasteners. The actual construction of the roundabout could begin as early as June 26th and is expected to last until the end of September. Traffic in the region will be severely affected. While traffic to the west is maintained steadily, traffic to the east will be diverted to US-31 via three- and five-mile roads and north-south traffic will be relocated around the site via local roads. The project is one of several roundabouts planned by the GT County Road Commission along key east-west corridors. Two more are expected to follow in 2022 on the corner of Keystone and Cass Streets and Keystone and River Streets.

Further updates to the road project …
> The 100 and 200 blocks of Cedar Street between West Front and Sixth Streets in Traverse City will be closed for six months beginning Monday to replace three passages on Kids Creek, including two on Cedar Street and one on Sixth Street. The closings begin at 7 a.m. on Monday and are expected to reopen on November 8th. The Elmer’s team is overseeing the Kids Creek Crossing Project, which also includes utility work and road reconstruction. Access to companies is retained, otherwise traffic on the construction site will be rerouted.

> MDOT is investing $ 4.6 million to rebuild 5.8 miles of US-131 from Fife Lake in Grand Traverse County to South Boardman in Kalkaska County. Work is expected to begin on Monday May 17th and continue through September 25th. The project, which also provides for new lane markings and rumble strips, requires the traffic authorities to close the lanes during the day. Funding comes through Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s rebuilding program, which MDOT says is aimed at “rebuilding the highways and bridges that are vital to the state’s economy and managing most of the traffic,” according to MDOT.

> The GT County Road Commission will begin a crush-and-shape project starting Monday at 7:00 am on the 4.3-mile Walton Road. Work, which began removing trees in the area earlier this spring, is taking place between Blackman Road and the railroad crossing and is expected to be completed by August 26th. No through traffic is permitted in the work zone, but access is made available to residents and companies. The GT County Road Commission will install a new signal cabinet at the intersection of South Airport and Silver Lake streets starting at 5 p.m. on Sunday. The traffic lights are completely dark during the work and the traffic is controlled by four-way stop signs. The work is expected to last all Sunday evening.

> The City, Machin Engineering, Elmer’s Crane and Dozer and Bella Concrete Construction teams will start building a new sidewalk along Hastings Street starting Wednesday. Work will take place on both the east and west sides of Hastings Street between East Eighth Street and Boon Street from May 12th to July 2nd. While Hastings Street remains open to traffic, shoulder closings and lane changes will occur in the work zone. Delays are expected and street parking in the work zone is prohibited.

Finally, Division Street’s south west lane between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets in Traverse City will be closed to traffic for a week during the day. The crews started working in the area on Friday. The lane was closed during the day and opened to traffic overnight. The division is expected to be fully open to traffic again by May 14.

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