Richard Lewis Ready to Take Over as Traverse City Mayor

Traverse City gets a new mayor.

Mayor-elect Richard Lewis ran unchallenged and will replace Mayor Jim Carruthers.

Richard Lewis is currently the interim city manager for Evart but will become mayor of Traverse City on Monday and is no stranger to the area.

Lewis was the Commissioner of Traverse City from 2015 to 2017. Before that he was city manager for 17 years. He believes his experience will help him in his new role.

“I have a greater appreciation for everything I’ve been through in my career. I’ve had the privilege to do in my career. Hopefully I can help lead and lead and give input to all of us. And at least concentrate, ”said Traverse City Mayor-Elect Richard Lewis.

The shoes that Lewis fills will not be easy, but he is up for the challenge.

“We have some key issues that are no secret; There’s the infrastructure we need to work on, social issues like homelessness, affordable, accessible housing, we have a master plan that needs to be updated, ”said Lewis. “One thing I can promise everyone is that we’ll upset some people, and I’ve been around long enough to know that it will be.”

When it comes to the big decisions, it’s a team effort. Lewis says he shouldn’t let the five-letter word mayor come to mind because he’s one of seven and has no more authority than the other six.

Lewis just wants the place he calls home to be as good as possible.

“I still live in the same place where I have lived for 29 years. I have four daughters who live in the area and 18 grandchildren who also live there, ”said Lewis. “The health and viability of the city, anything that Traverse City brings to itself and the wider community, is very important.”

Lewis’ two-year term begins Monday.

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