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Left: Marie McMahon Parmer stands in front of her Free Little Art Gallery. Photo from Instagram.
Right: Some of the latest items on Take Art Leave Art. Photo by Shawn Bungo via Instagram.

The trend of putting a small free library in front of your home / school / business and filling it with books is such a feel-good story – sterile boxes or those filled with water-stained residue from someone else’s basement – that it is There are surprising variations on this that didn’t happen: canned food rejected by your kid’s closet, clothes your kids wore once and then never got off the floor of their dresser drawer boutique, sporting goods I thought I could use for more sell when I was offered.

But Shawn Bungo of Pittsfield Township and Marie McMahon Parmer of Ann Arbor recently brought out clever variations on the Little Library ideal by offering free art.

Bungo’s Take Art Leave Art box is a sequel to a box he had in Knoxville, Tennessee before he and his wife moved to Michigan in 2019. This is evident from this article in Concentrate. He’s a flame-worked glass artist, and Bungo has hidden some of his pieces near Ypsilanti, but it’s probably easiest to purchase his work through bungoglass.com.

Parmer’s Free Little Art Gallery was inspired by Stacy Milrany who created one in Seattle, Washington. It was a family affair too when Parmer’s husband created the box outside their Ann Arbor home.

The mini art galleries are located in the following locations:

Take Art Vacation Art, 4547 Hickory Pointe Blvd., Pittsfield Township
Free Small Art Gallery, 1511 Pauline Blvd, Ann Arbor

You can follow both places online to see what’s going on in the world of free art micro-galleries:

Take Art Leave Art: Instagram, Facebook
Free small art gallery: Instagram

If someone were to build me a box, I’d like to ask you to take as many of these obsolete electronics as you can carry.

Christopher Porter is a library technician and editor of Pulp.

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