Michigan State Football is setting time to TV for the spring recreation, but fan participation is still unclear

It’s still unclear whether fans will be able to attend the Michigan State Football Spring Game, but additional details are now available.

The spring game, which was already scheduled for April 24, starts at 2 p.m. and will be broadcast live on the Big Ten Network, the university announced on Tuesday afternoon.

“In preparation for the opportunity to house fans at the April 24 spring soccer game, MSU Athletics is working on a plan that will conform to protocols established by the MDHHS,” said a released statement from the Michigan State Sports Department.

The Spartans didn’t have a single spring training session last year due to COVID-19, which kept fans away from the Big Ten games last season and making participation in the Michigan state spring game questionable. The state of Michigan had its 10th practice session on Tuesday, and the April 24 game will be the 15th and final practice session of the spring.

The Big Ten announced in March that eligibility requirements for all remaining competitions of the 2020-21 regular season, including spring soccer games, would be in line with local health guidelines and restrictions. In Michigan, where the virus is raging, outdoor stadium capacity is currently limited to 20 percent.

Michigan ended spring training in Ann Arbor on Saturday with an inaccessible crowd. Some Big Ten teams will have fans for their spring game, including the state of Ohio, which will limit Saturday game attendance to 19,180 fans at Ohio Stadium with 102,780 seats.

Coach Mel Tucker started his second season as leader of the Spartans last month and was hoping for a typical spring game with fans at Spartan Stadium.

“Fan outreach is everything to us and we are doing everything we can to engage our fans,” said Tucker on Tuesday. “Without our fans, we really don’t have a program. We have great fans and our fans are hungry. They want to see the Spartans, they want to see us play out there, they want to see us out there win. I’m looking forward to the day when we can have fans in our stadium and unpack that thing and be loud and see how we win football. “

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