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Don’t pave the property on 14th Street

In recent years, Traverse City has considered environmental criteria when reviewing construction projects, making permeable soil an important factor. Several high profile projects had to change their original site plans to reflect the goal of reducing water runoff to the sewers and lake, including the Immaculate Conception Elementary School. Now Traverse City Area Public Schools comes up with a plan to “pave and pave their parking lot” in Thirlby Field to allow more cars so that it isn’t random parking. This runs counter to Traverse City’s goal of reducing runoff and pollution.

It would be better to plant a permanent waterproof grass and use the parking strip equipment to graze the parking lot on the lawn during fall and spring events. This would achieve the goal of more organized parking while still being environmentally friendly and providing much needed green space along 14th Street.

Norm Schmitt

Traverse City

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